Bringing household content insurance to your fingertips.

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Our Mission

Insurance needs to re-imbrace its roots. Bridging the growing gap between insurers and their customers is a necessary first step towards this end. We firmly believe that modern user interfaces, web technologies and rapid advances in artificial intelligence present an opportunity to vertically integrate and shorten the insurance value chain. This approach may not only bridge the aforementioned gap but also allow a reallocation of operational resources towards improving customer service. It is in this context that we aim to reengage customers by simplifying insurance processes in three ways:

  1. mobile-first user experience
  2. fully customisable and flexible coverage
  3. immediate handling of desired policy changes and automatic payment of claims

Our Product

Initially intended for Swiss residents only, our product allows you to insure your property against theft and accidents hassle-free. You can obtain your insurance in less than 5 minutes, have complete control over your policies and receive immediate coverage on most damages. In short, we provide a complete insurance experience accessible at your fingertips.

Mobile first

You perceive insurance to be disengaging or even as an outright pain? Not anymore! To remedy the situation we offer a seamless, mobile-first user experience. Our mobile (web) app walks you through the process of creating your household content insurance policy. If necessary, you can ask questions along the way. We know you are busy and insurance is a complicated subject. Therefore, we strive to provide an informative, educational product as an intermediary layer between you and the actual insurance product.

Buy insurance mobile first


We don't just use the slogan "insurance as a service", we live by it. Our system is designed to make your insurance experience a positive one. You have full control over your subscription through our mobile application. You can cancel anytime and not just in case you decide to move to another country where we cannot provide our service.

Cancel your insurance subscription anytime

Automatic claim handling

You can file claims just as easily as you bought your insurance policy with us through our app. The process is simple. All you are required to do is to perform a few steps before we decide whether to entertain your claim. In most cases our system immediately credits your bank account. In more complex cases, we have to conduct a more thorough analysis. Of course, we provide you with a point of contact while you're claim is being processed.

Get your claims paid out immediately